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I was given a Flip video camera last fall as part of a campaign for Verizon FIOS. My husband took the lead in filming us talking about FIOS. We had to reshoot those scenes quite a few times due to giddy 6-year-olds and surly tweens and teens. The finished product was awesome except for my arms. What possessed me to wear a sleeveless black top in our video shoot! I’m not vain, but really my arms looked like tree trunks. And to think that I love that top, too!

My husband and son had tons of fun filming the how-to parts of the video. He ran up and down stairs demo-ing the DVR feature. My son was the guinea pig remote control user. I don’t think any of the footage was used, but we all had fun using the Flip cams.

On a daily basis, the Flip cam is perfect for me. So light it fits in my pocket. I WISH I had had a Flip cam and a small point-and-shoot camera when my girls were tiny. I cannot tell you how many times I lugged the enormous video camera bag and the equally huge video camera as well as the camera bag to play dates, parks, and the mall to see Santa. My double stroller was always weighted down with two kids and a diaper bag…add in the double camera bags for not-twice-the fun I can assure you.

As a mom of two little ones it would have been so easy to pull a Flip cam out of the diaper bag to record the first step. Instead, I had to locate the bulky camera, pray that it was charged, and cross my fingers that the video tape was cued up to the right spot. So, essentially I would have to ask the baby to say the word again or take the first step again as our video camera was NEVER ready when we needed it.

The Flip camera is my go-to camera. Yesterday I handed my Flip to my husband for filing the girls’ volleyball tournaments. I told him I would take the new digital video camera. True the new digital video camera is lighter than its predecessor, but I still had to download all the video files before I could use it. I never found the cable, so the digital video camera is useless.

The Flip is always ready to go. I keep 2 AA batteries in my purse. No cables or chargers to keep track of. No videotapes to rewind. Just pick up the Flip and shoot.

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