Fitness Friday: It’s Jared from Subway!

Jared was interviewed by CNN at the NIH/SubWay We Can! rally.

Laila Ali at the NIH/Subway event at the Satdium Armory in Washington, D.C. — and me!

Yep, I met Jared from Subway!

Tab Ramos, former Olympic soccer player; Laila Ali, boxing champion and Dancing with the Stars finalist; and Jared, Subway spokersperson who lost weight eating Subway sandwiches.

Have you heard about PEP? I was at a National PEP Rally this week.

PEP stands for Play More, Eat Right, and Push Away the Screen.

At the rally Subway and the National Institutes of Health announced a partnership in support of We Can!

We Can! stands for Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity & Nutrition

As a mommy blogger I was invited to the NIH/Subway We Can! event. I met the Subway spokespersons, Laila Ali, boxer and Dancing with the Stars finalist; Jared Fogle, Subway spokersperson; and Tab Ramos, Olympic soccer player, as well as NIH and Subway officials. While the children participated in drills and exercises at Stadium Armory, the moms discussed how to get the word out about We Can!

I’m committing to promoting the program on my blog and on twitter. In our house we can step up our eating habits to include more fruits and vegetables and less bread. I want to commit to exercise three times a week instead of two. As a family we need to cut back on our screen time. What are you planning to do help your family get healthy? Leave a comment.

Visit the Live It section to see additional tips and tools on how your family can maintain a healthy weight by making smart food choices, increasing physical activity, and reducing screen time. Learn how communities are getting involved and view a complete listing of We Can! Community Sites: Learn more about We Can! and ways to encourage children to maintain a healthy weight by reading the attached Fact Sheet and visiting the Web site at

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