Final Swim Practice of Year until…

The younger two have been swimming since September…twice a week with only a missed practice here and there. I’ve used the time to workout most Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Until April both swam in back-to-back sessions. I would workout the first session and spend the second session trying to figure out how to entertain my son. The pool was not available for open swim due to lessons and lap swimming. I had to get creative in a hurry as he was a little miffed to have to wait at the pool without swimming.

Here’s what I did to entertain my son:

1. Let him take a long shower at shower on pool deck…did not care about wasting water since he was quiet. Desperate times call for desperate measures, people.

2. Let him go to Kids’ Club after initially worrying that he would be too tall, even though he is the right age. He tried without a few times and loved it, but it was a hassle getting him dried, dressed, and to the Kids’ Club.

3. Let him work in a 1st grade workbook. He needed mucho help with reading anything written — basically everything in the book — but he loved answering the questions.

4. Brain Quest, flash cards, or anything that was easy to pull out of pool bag and do with him.

5. Leapster, Leapster, how I love thee, Leapster.

6. Coloring books were a giant fail.

7. Cars and other toys with wheels were also a giant no-no due to wet floor and not wanting to have someone do a pratt fall while stepping on a car.

8. Occasionally a kid would be waiting as well. He found a buddy a couple of days.

As I look back on the yearround swimming experience, I know that my son would have been happier playing at home with his toys or outside. It does seem crazy. But, the reality is that he would have had to come with me anyway since his sister wanted to swim 2 days a week. He has improved greatly from summer swimming. He’s grown up so much since we started. Gets himself dressed for swimming, showered, undressed with only a little prompting for me.

So today was the final swim practice of the year until…summer swimming starts in about 2 weeks. Summer swimming is — gulp — 5 practices a week for 3 children in 3 different practice time sessions. Ay caramba!

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