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Family + Organization = ?@?$#?!?

When I look at the above equation, I see the crowded-with-dates kitchen wall calendar. I hear the anxious voices of my husband and I trying to calculate how 2 of us will get 3 kids to 4 different places on 1 night. I feel my throat get tight as my teen “reminds” me that she needs to go to a friend’s house even though she never told me about the event in the first place. Sigh. On short, in our family the above equation does not compute. I get one big error message when I hit “Enter.”

Last fall, I did a review on a site to help harried and stressed mom and dads manage not only the family calendar, but the multitude of family documents. In a few short minutes I was able to set up an account and create pages for each of my family members. Bit by bit I added information about each of them. Name, address, date of birth, and school. Now as far as your children, you can use AboutOne as a place to store artwork or your child’s school name and grade or any other information you have lying around.

Want to learn more about AboutOne? If you are a harried parent like me, of course you do! This was shared with me by the AboutOne team:

  • AboutOne is the only comprehensive online organizer that works with a customer’s existing calendar and contacts tools to quickly and easily store and manage multi-media memories (text, photos, videos, artwork) and household paperwork (health, education, possessions) in lifestreams.
  • AboutOne’s Lifestreams is the way this information flows and is used in real life.
  • AboutOne replaces tools that manage silos of information, providing a private, secure application to help organize home life.
  • The AboutOne Stream is a private timeline of events, recorded as life unfolds. It addresses customers’ desires to build, share, and preserve family history while also supporting daily information needs – all with no additional effort.
  • Lifestreams can be gifted to children when they become adults, and custom-selected pieces can be shared though social media, in automatically created family newsletters, and beautiful hardcover photo memory books.
  • Through APIs and wizards, AboutOne collects small pieces of information over time, automatically formatting them when and how they are needed: health histories for doctor visits, babysitter/caregiver instructions, home inventories for insurance claims, education summaries for college applications, plus on- and offline access to emergency information and contacts.
  • AboutOne makes getting organized virtually effortless, employing gamification to encourage, guide, and reward customers for achieving organizational goals.
  • And AboutOne will be available for everyone in Spring 2012. Until then you can request an invite. It’s that simple!

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I was compensated by AboutOne for writing this post. The views expressed in the post are my own. I follow the tenets of Blog With Integrity.

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