Family Jobs — What Skill Do You Bring To Your Family?

Over at Robyn’sWorldOnline, Robyn posed the question “What Is Your Role in Your Family?”

In our family, it goes like this:

Mom on the Run — I’m the “ooo, I remember seeing a small post-it note with a number pencilled on it. Have you seen it?” person. Just call me The Finder. I’m also the family history/recordkeeping/filing/scrapbooking/photographing the family person.

Coach Dad — is the tax, finance person in our family. He is also the go-to guy for my noncomputer dad — he helps my dad download and send graphics and other files for his job.

Crafty Daughter — is becoming our go-to graphics/powerpoint/word processing person. She designed her own birthday invitations and organized her own birthday party. So, you can add party planning to her resume.

Sporty Daughter — is our details person. She has a great memory, plus she is my puzzle buddy so she gets extra Brownie points from me.

Adventure Boy — is our Star Wars guy…full of Star Wars info that only a 5-year-old could possibly want to know. As a mom I try to unglaze my eyes and listen.

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