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I come from possibly the least demonstrative family. I recall hugging my grandmother, but never kissing her. With my parents we hug…and that is it. We have had some air hug moments where we are not sure what to do with our arms. Hug or not?

I have made a truly concerted effort to be demonstrative with my kids. I would kiss ’em, coo at ’em, hug ’em. It worked with 1 out of 3. My middle daughter is very huggy and kissy. The oldest and youngest not so much. In fact both are so independent minded that they like to initiate the hug, not the reverse. Makes for an awkward moment when your kid says “Don’t touch me!” at playgroup. Awk-Ward.

We’re English. Well at least I am and, of course, my parents. The English are known for being stand-offish and not very affectionate. Yep, that would describe the Mom on the Run family.

Parent Bloggers Network is collaborating with LIFE – the non-profit Life and Health Insurance Foundation for Education – to bring some important resources to you. Maybe life insurance doesn’t sound like a romantic gift, but it provides financial protection and peace of mind to you and your family. It’s certainly better for you than a box of chocolates that will go straight to your hips, right?

With their Selfless Love contest, LIFE wants you to describe how a close family member or friend exhibited selfless love. Write an essay nominating someone you love! But hurry – the contest ends on Valentine’s Day.

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