Dog Tired, a Free Code for #Yoursphere, and Giveaways!

Tonight…I am in the thick of homework, clarinet practice, dinner, a quick fast forward through several episodes of American Idol to catch up before tonight’s finale, showers,  books, and bedtimes. I am so tired that I cannot see straight. I very much want to hurl myself on the couch and snooze the night away.

A snooze would not be a good idea. Why? If I snooze…

  • my teen will stay up late watching Glee, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and Make It or Break It.
  • my tween will stay up and watch the Disney Channel with a detour to playing with my itouch followed by a short play on her DS with a dash of Yoursphere thrown in for good measure.
  • my kid will stand over me and demand I look at his Lego creations. Sleeping through his monologue will be impossible. My ability to sleep through any and all noises will be sorely tested, but in the end I will be jolted out of my sleep. I will wake up groggy and disoriented to find that all three children are WIDE AWAKE.

So, my friends I will tear myself away from the computer, drag my son out of the bathroom, push my tween in to the shower, and wrangle my teen to clean up her room. With that I bid you adieu!

Bedtime was O.K. All are asleep now. The tween AND teen both made a valiant and entirely unsuccessful plea to be allowed to stay up and watch American Idol. Nice try kids, but g’night!

BTW, don’t forget to use Code YSMC-0051 to sign up for Yoursphere is free. By using the code YSMC-0051 you will help me win a gift card. Squee!!

Giveaways galore!!

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