Do You Think the Sasquatch Is Real?

So, what are some rumors that you wonder about. I have a few that have always perplexed me:

  • What happened in Area 51? Did aliens land? Why is the area so top secret? Will we ever know the whole truth?
  • Was Paul McCartney replaced in The Beatles when he *allegedly* died unexpectedly at the beginning of the Beatles frenzy. I recall hearing a radio broadcast that went through the saga rumor by rumor, album by album, song by song. The upshot: Paul McCartney was replaced so that the group would maintain their rise to fame. Could be true.
  • What about the Bermuda Triangle? I have a feeling this one is real due to planes and boats disappearing from the radar screens. but, why is the Bermuda Triangle so much more plausible that the other two? Or, is it?

Which brings me to the “Mother of all Rumors.” The whole enchilada. The motherlode. And, what rumor would this be. Sasquatch, otherwise known as Big Foot. Who hasn’t heard of Big Foot?

I searched for more information on the Sasquatch and came across two sites:

Yes, that’s right Sasquatch jerky! So Big Foot must have been alive and well at some point. Just look at the photo of the jerky — it is very…shall we say…unique. Not sure I will be partaking of it. But, look at the price tag, too. I think only the very rich would be able to buy it anyway.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…now I have seen everything!

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