Do One Nice Thing: A Silicon Valley Moms Book Selection

do-once-nice-thingAs I sit pondering this month’s book selection for the Silicon Valley Moms Book Group, I can’t help, but notice the ambulance with flashing lights in my neighbor’s driveway.

The book, Do One Nice Thing: Little Things You Can Do to Make the World a Lot Nicer, resonated with me as for the past year I have taken my neighbor her newspaper and depending on the day her mail. What I do is not much in the scheme of things. My neighbor was a vibrant, get it done right now type of person until she developed a lung condition. The lung condition has left her unable to breath without the assistance of oxygen.

She has a strong support network of children, neighbors, and a home health nurse. When I drop off her mail, I always ask her if she needs a fresh glass of water or lunch from the fridge. I’m not there everyday as I work from home and sometimes lose track of time. I try to help when I can. My neighbor is very appreciative of what I do for her. To me it is the least I can do.

Years ago when we were first looking in this neighborhood, my husband and I asked my neighbor if we could look inside their house. We were thinking of building the same model house. My neighbor and her husband graciously allowed us to walk through her house. We had not seen a built model of the house we were looking at as the model house was a different style. 

Weeks late when our house was under construction, my neighbor’s husband handed me a stack of photos. He had taken photos the day our house went from one story to two stories and the roof was added. It was like the barn building from Witness— minus the Amish.

We took a huge number of photos of our house. I am grateful that we have these building photos for our new home scrapbook.

Debbie Tenzer’s book Do One Nice Thing made me want to step up the help I give to my neighbor. In general, I feel good about what I do for other people — I help my neighbor, volunteer in 1st grade, run a PTA group, do a blog for my children’s swim team — but I could do more.

Wondering how to help your community, go to Do_One_Nice_Thing for ideas.

Thank you to the Silicon Valley Moms Group for this month’s selection.

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