Disconnected from Internet Again! and Lived to Tell the Tale

I’m baaaaccckk after 13 hours at a volleyball tournament. It was gruelling, I tell you, absolutely gruelling. Not that I did anything remotely strenuous. No, not me. I sat in a chair or walked about outside or walked about inside. That was it…and I am exhausted.

Exhausted from waking up early to get to the tournament. I was stressed out watching my daughter play. Worried about my son who was home sick. Fretting about my husband missing practice because my son was sick and my daughter not being able to go to practice since my husband is her coach. Resigned myself to the fact that I can do absolutely nothing at all about the situation at home or about the situation at the tournament.

Both happened while I sat there in my lawn chair and did–well–nothing.

My daughter played 4 games. They did not make it to the playoffs, but considering they were down 2 players the team worked well.

So, I was in the car for 3 hours and sitting at the tournament for 10 hours. That’s a whole lot of hours. So, how many hours did I twitter, FaceBook, blog, and guest post? Zero, zilch, nada. That’s right. This is yet another example of how I can spend hours on the computer while at home and never miss the computer while I am out. In fact in the times when my daughter didn’t play I finished up one book and plowed on with another book. I also did a to-do list for the week and brainstormed some blog posts.

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