Dentist — My Revolving Door Policy

In the last 20 years I have had 6 general dentists… I left one because I did not like his manner–my parents still go to him — he was this loud guy who talked about Chicago and the Bears constantly. The next one retired…he was in his mid-40s and sick with a nonspecified illness. The next one was called Dr. Brush, she replaced the guy who retired. I’m not really sure why I left her. Loved her name though!

Then, we went to this dentist near Costco (super convenient for errands, too!)…my in-laws started seeing him. I liked him, but at every appointment he would tell me about the cruise he had just taken, or the new house he was designing, or the swanky private D.C. school his kids were attending. About 5 years ago, I had enough since I felt as though I was funding his pursuits. I persuaded Coach Dad, against his wishes, to switch to another dentist. I found Dr. ?? in a shopping center near a High’s. I went for a “meet the dentist” visit to see if I liked him. He saw me for 3 seconds and told me I needed 4 fillings replaced! I was stunned…I had just had a “cleaning/everything was O.K.” visit with Dr. Brags-alot. I saw his dental assistant for a longer amount of time than the dentist saw me. When I went to pick up my records, and the receptionist asked why I was leaving I told them I did not think the dentist spent enough time with me…she nodded, but did not say anything.

I waited and sent out an e-mail (I think) asking people about local dentists. Lots of people recommended Dr. “Green Jeans.” I would have thought more would recommend the swanky dental office on the other side of the first circle in my small two circle town. But no, it was Dr. “Green Jeans” who got praise. I liked the idea of having a local dentist since Adventure Boy was a baby at the time.

Dr. “Green Jeans” said my fillings looked fine. Last year I had one of the old fillings replaced. But the other 3 are still holding fine. I think I will stay with Dr. “Green Jeans.”

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