Defending Costco!

A fellow DC mom wrote that she was about to quit Costco. My response?

Whaaaaatttt??? Heresy! We love Costco! I have been a member of a warehouse club since 1989…BEFORE we got married! Do you remember when Costco was Price Costco and before that Price Club? Yep…we were members then. Actually, we were members of Pace Membership Warehouse which became Sam’s Club.

In all seriousness though, we hated shopping at the Gaithersburg, MD, Costco. I agree with every point in your article. The crowds. The jockeying for position in line. The glazed over eyes of the workers. The parking lot…my gosh the parking lot was a nightmare to find a space in!

Once we moved out of Montgomery County we discovered the oasis of tranquility that is the Frederick, MD, Costco. Few huge lines. Not crowded even on a Saturday. Enthusiastic workers who go the extra mile. Kindly sample ladies. And the parking is NEVER full.

Fed up with your crowded, madhouse Costco? Are you in driving distance of a Costco in a less crowded area? Check it out. It might be worth it, so that you can stock up in a less frantic fashion.

For a Costco near you, go here.

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