DC Tweetup Was Sweet

100_9143It was like the DC/MD/VA version of the bloggerati. For me it was also my first big blogging gathering. Oh, I have been to a few press briefings and a coffee tweetup or two, but never anything this fancy. It was in a word — Sweet!

I was on the fence about going to Scene at National Harbor. I’m so glad I gulped at the “1 hour and 14 minute” drive predicted by Garmin GPS and just drove. The drive was doable by splitting it in two parts: to Gaithersburg and Gaithersburg to National Harbor. I’m still not sure why GPS always takes me in to DC. Why can’t I find a way to go somewhere near DC, but not go in to DC? KWIM.

As a new blogger — you know I am hanging on to this label for as long as I can! — I read about, hear about, and tweet to other DC/MD/VA bloggers. I know some of the bloggers by their photos. Other bloggers use cartoons or various body parts…a pair of shoes, an eye and nose, lips on a coffee cup.

Before the tweetup I would have recognized @techsavvymama, @JessicaAPISS, and @SueWag on the street. The others well let’s just say I used the old glance at the name tag and look quickly back at the person. Hello, @wifeandmommy, @lauriewrites, and @goonsquadsarah! I also met new people or tweeple @snidegrrl and @deindc

Although some bloggers knew each other from IRL or playdates, many were ogling the tags like me. The meetup was a preBlogHer event sponsored by Safety 1st  and hosted by @parentopiadevra. It was Awe.Some. One wonders if there is anything that Devra is not good at!

I’m not BlogHer bound this year, but next you just try and keep me away!

The DC BlogHer meetup was sponsored by Safety_1st and its Air Protect carseats.

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