Darn! I Missed World Nutella Day!

Nutella,delicious and chocolatey and nutty goodness

How is it that I spent my teen years eating Nutella sandwiches after school, but missed World Nutella Day? I can still smell the chocolatey goodness that was Nutella. I had the freshman 15 BEFORE college due in large part to eating Nutella sandwiches and English chips and gravy EVERY day. When I write statements like this, suddenly my present-day eating habits seem positively healthy by comparison. Food consumption in the England of my childhood was a landmine of fat, lard, gravy, and fried foods…all washed down with cups of hot milky tea.

February 5, 2010, was World Nutella Day! I missed it! Nutella even has a twitter account…and I missed it…and I am on twitter all day. A serious social media fail on my part.

I’m not a nut person — I am a nut, though. I could deal with the nuts if the nuts were hidden by rich chocolate.

Chocolate + Nuts completely submerged in Nutella = Yum.

Why was I so hungry after school anyway? My school was a 1 and a 1/4 hours away from home. My journey was as follows:

  • walk to train station from my house
  • take train from Wilmslow railway station to center of Manchester getting off at Oxford Street railway station
  • walk from the train station to a bus stop
  • take a bus from center of Manchester to Moss Side
  • walk from the bus stop to Loreto VIth Form College

My school was surrounded by a brick wall with broken glass embedded in the top of the brick wall. Nice! No intruders were entering my school.

Phew! I’m exhausted just writing about my school commute. My journey was 1 and 1/4 hours each way. No wonder I chowed down on a Nutella sandwich after school. I would spread that gooey, yummy spread on white bread before I watched afterschool TV.

Now, I must explain that afterschool TV in Britain was a wasteland. First of all there were 3 TV channels. I recall sitting on the edge of our coffee table waiting for Channel 4 to start broadcasting. It was a momentous event to get a fourth TV channel. Secondly the TV shows ranged from shows for preschoolers to shows for teens. I would have to sit through The Wombles in order to get to something I really wanted to watch, like Blue Peter.

Here’s a little taste of all that was kids’ TV in the late 70s/early 80s. The video features The Wombles, Bod, Bagpuss, and Trumpton.

So why am I all a quiver about missing World Nutella Day. Well, I purchased a jar of Nutella after seeing one at Weis Market. I usually walk right past, but couldn’t resist bringing it home to the kids. It was a hit. All of us had it for breakfast on wheat bread. At least it wasn’t on white bread!

The other reason that I found out about it was from 5 Minutes for Mom’s Ultimate Blog Party. I scooted to peruse DaenelT’s post on herself. What should I spy but her love for Nutella!! She mentioned a recipe for a Nutella Milk Shake from Bell’Alimento. What?! This can’t be true. Where has this awesomeness been hiding? Away from me. I might just make one for myself tonight!

In conclusion, I heart Ultimate Blog Party and 5 Minutes for Mom!

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