CyberBullies Need to Pay for Their Actions

I recently wrote about my shock over the Phoebe Prince case. I get so mad thinking about the kids who committed this crime. The nine kids who have been charged with her murder may not have killed her, but they contributed to her suicide.

For as many cyberbullying kids who are caught by the paper trail/IP addresses left in cyberspace, so many more are effective in anonymously wreaking havoc. If nine students have been changed, how many more are lying low hoping not to be charged? The bullying was done in and out of cyberspace. The bullying also occurred on Facebook.

The same kids who were charged in he cyberbullying case of Phoebe Prince case are the same kids who have done things to other kids since preschool and kindergarten. I’m no child psychologist, but I know kids in my kids’ elementary school who do things without being caught — teasing other kids, taking school supplies from a classmate’s desk, etc. These are the same kids who get other kids in trouble…you know the scenario: Bully pokes a kid in line repeatedly. Innocent kid screams out in pain. Innocent kid gets in trouble as teacher heard him scream. Bully gets away with “murder” again.

Does anyone remember the Jamie Bulger case in England? Two boys lured a 4-year-old boy out of a shopping mall. Took him to a railroad tracks and beat him to death. The boys were 10 and 11. Both were released on their 18th birthdays, given new identities, and allegedly left Britain. I am still angry that these boys were released. Anyone — I don’t care how old — who kills another person needs to spend the rest of his/her life behind bars or be put to death. This may sound harsh to some, but murderers cannot be rehabilitated.

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