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Fitness Friday: Reflection by CouponCoupJenn

I’m struggling to write a Fitness Friday post. I’m not sure which aspect of my life to write about right now…it all seems very fitness and health related. I’m not clever enough to think of something creative to write about…I’m struggling to find a direction for these posts with the addition of my new addition.

Shall I tell you that I’ve started doing more strength training? My legs HATE me today…they have staged a revolution and squatting, sitting, standing, walking…all pretty much out of the question without a great deal of pain…I added lunges yesterday. I figure muscle strength in my arms and legs will help to tone me right now. Those are areas of my body that really should not be affected by pregnancy…and with proper nutrition and exercise I should be able to tone them up. Then when I meet you all this summer I can wave without fear of knocking you down with my flab swing.

I could talk about the fact that my self esteem has gone through the FLOOR since I found out I was pregnant…and I’m not really sure why because I have not gained any weight. It might be that I sense the loss of control I had over my body and this journey. I still feel like everything is pretty unknown right now. I DO know this is something I MUST nip in the bud. I’ve stated before that one of the most important reasons for me to be working out and making this round of fitness STICK is for my daughter…to help her to grow empowered and unscathed by the negative self-esteem of an overweight and inactive mother. I’m certainly not helping when I refer to myself as the pregnant whale…or the fat preggo chic. Someone knock me upside the head when you hear me say that!!

I could talk about the “plan” that is still formulating in my head…my plan of attack for this pregnancy….I plan to set my weight gain goals month-by-month with the guidance of my obstetrician. I’ve asked him to give me a realistic, healthy goal to set for myself each month instead of “You shouldn’t gain more than 10 lbs. this pregnancy”. I need more guidance.

As I mentioned earlier…I plan to work on strength and aerobic exercises…work on the parts of me least affected by pregnancy. I would be a much happier pregnant person if my arms were toned when this summer rolls around. I’m pretty sure no one will be happy with a naked pregnant lady running around complaining about being hot….so I’m going to have to wear SOME clothes…but the less the better and if I’ve made strides to improve myself that will feel good.

I am setting a goal of getting on the Wii Fit 4 times each week. I normally work out for an hour…I’m going to say that 3 days I will work out for an hour and 1 day I will work out for at least 30 min.

I think I will check in on my Fitness Friday posts from now on with an update on those goals. I need to add some more screen shots of what I’m actually working on….so you know I didn’t play the Table Tilt for an hour and call it a workout!

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