Cooking with the Stars

I’ll say at the outset that a good cook I am not. In fact my children know that I am quite capable of cooking Cajun food and not in a good way. We never need to check the batteries in our smoke detector…let’s leave it at that shall we.

Speaking of good cooks… The competition on Top Chef is among the best in reality shows. The Quickfire Challenges are tense and separate the good cooks from the wanna-be cooks. A poor choice of ingredient. A miscalculation of time. A poorly plated dish. Leads to the elimination of one chef after another.

Richard Blais was a most memorable Top Chef contestant. He was a finalist in Top Chef Chicago. Blais was the chef who did not shy away from ingredients or cooking techniques. Although I had not heard of “sous vide” cooking before Blais, I was soon intrigued by what technique or food he would create next. Recently he was won Top Chef: All Stars.

A few months ago, I had the pleasure of catching up with one of the Top Chef finalists — Richard Blais. He was on the road with his family. I appreciated that he stopped on his journey to chat with me. I’ll post the interview tomorrow…

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