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Acorn Pampers UnderJams Family Bedwetting Toilet  Training Nighttime Toilet Training Enuresis Walmart

Move from Baby to Toddler

I changed a diaper once. Babysat one time. Gave a baby a bottle just once. This was the sum total of my “baby” experience before I had my first baby. I had never fed a baby. Or potty trained a toddler. Or even put a baby down for a nap. Given the fact that I’m the oldest child in my family and the oldest grandchild, I was clueless about babies. The first baby I ever cared for extensively was my own baby.

Acorn Pampers UnderJams Family Bedwetting Toilet  Training Nighttime Toilet Training Enuresis Walmart

From the moment I knew that I was pregnant, I did what all new moms-to-be do…I read books on pregnancy and the baby’s first year…I talked to my mother, my mother-in-law, and my friends…I even watched TV shows on raising and caring for babies and toddlers. But no matter how much reading or research I did, I was completely unprepared for the nitty gritty of feeding a baby, much less potty training a toddler.

Potty Train Your Toddler

Slowly but surely, I navigated my way through that first year of feedings, burpings, diaper changes, and napping with my baby, before moving on to the trials and tribulations of the toddler years. Let me tell you that compared to the baby years, the toddler years are BRUTAL. The toddler years were all about the word “No” said by me and my toddler multiple times a day, tantrums, and potty training.

Help Your Toddler Stay Dry at Night

Moms and dads of soon-to-be or on-the-way-to-being potty trained toddlers, you need to know that Pampers has released a new line of night wear leakage protection called Pampers UnderJams. Pampers UnderJams are for kids who are potty trained during the day, but still wetting the bed at night. Pampers UnderJams are available in sizes S/M and L/XL, fit children up to 85 Ibs, and are available at Walmart.

By each of my children’s third birthdays, all were potty trained during the day. Potty training toddlers during the day was far from easy, but nighttime training was extremely difficult. I was simply not prepared for how hard nighttime training toddlers would be. I wish I had had Pampers UnderJams when my kids were toddlers…my life would have been SO much easier.

Acorn Pampers UnderJams Family Bedwetting Toilet  Training Nighttime Toilet Training Enuresis Walmart

Conquer Bed Wetting

Like me, my children are all heavy sleepers. They sleep through ringing phones, loud doorbells, shrill alarm clocks, and any other loud noise you care to think about. Though nighttime training took effort and time, the payoff was more sleep for me and a lot less laundry to do.

Tips for Staying Dry at Night

Did you know that 15% of children still wet the bed at age 5? Or that 7 to 10% of children still wet the bed at age 7? Enuresis or involuntary urination during sleep is common in children. I found that these tips by Pampers were ones that I used when I was nighttime training my children:

Resources To Help Kids #ConquerBedWetting

When I’m teaching my children a new skill, like staying dry at night, I like to read them books, have them play games, or do related arts and crafts. Visit the Pampers UnderJams website to find the following helpful resources for your kids.

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