Connecting with FiOS Flex View for #familytime [Review]

To say that my family is switched on to media would be an understatement. Five years ago we had a home computer, a satellite dish because we have poor local TV, and a regular old cell phone. That was it. We had more connectivity than some, but less than others.
Today, we probably have more devices than electrical outlets. I may be exaggerating, but not by much. The Parents — my Husband and I — are all about laptops and smartphones. The Kid is all about his DS. The Tween is all about watching TV shows on the laptop. And the Teen is all about the iTouch.

As an example… In our hotel room as we unwound from a long day of travel to San Diego, I took a moment and looked up from my laptop to see my husband on his phone, and the kids playing with various music or gaming devices. Oh, and did I mention that the TV was on in the background. Connected? You bet! Away from home or at home.

With three kids who are either former tweens, present tweens, or future tweens, I feel the need to encourage family time. While a game night of Pictionary is a good option for us, the reality is that we can’t always unplug. Family movie night is our go-to family time activity for those times when it seems too hard to get the family together.

About a week ago, we gathered to test drive Verizon FiOS, and specifically FiOS Flex View. We picked a family movie night and got to work. I had heard about FiOS Flex View. Had clicked around a bit, but had never purchased or rented a movie. I was anxious to give Flex View a try.

We gathered for our family movie night. I love any chance that we can seize family time…by watching a movie, playing a game, or eating dinner as a family. Those of you with younger kids, will know what I am talking about when your little ones get to be tweens and teens. My Teen will eat her dinner as quickly as possible if she is working on a project or reading a good book.

But, back to FiOS Flex View. You can access by pressing the “MENU” button on your remote control. Once you are in the MENU area, click on “Video on Demand.” Select “Featured.” Choose “Browse All” then “Flex View.”

Once in Flex View, we clicked around. Exploring this movie and that. Now, I must tell that we are not a decisive bunch. We’re all about NOT making a decision. One kid will vehemently dislike another kid’s choice. The Kid’s choice of Cars is not a hit with his sisters. My choice of Nim’s Island is most roundly shot down as too boring. Finally, my husband decided we’d watch Chariots of Fire.

I’m ecstatic, but the kids are skeptical. Chariot’s of Fire is about a group of English college students from the 1920s who participated in the Olympic Games in Paris as runners. Through Flex View — which is not available in all parts of the country — we found that we could purchase Chariot’s of Fire in three ways:

  • Rent as Standard Definition for $2.99.
  • Buy in Standard Definition for $11.99.
  • Rent in High Definition for $3.99.

We chose to buy the movie in High Definition. Next time we try Flex View, we might rent a movie. In addition to buying a movie, I downloaded the Verizon FiOS TV widget as an enhancement to my viewing experience.  You can find out more about FIOS Flex View:

I wrote this review while participating in a brand team campaign by Mom Central on behalf of Verizon FiOS. Verizon will send me a gift card to thank me for taking the time to participate.

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