Concluding the Science Fair Project #ProjectReady

My tween and I embarked on a project this past month. After a few days of the project, I knew that my tween was able to do all the work by herself. As a mom it is easy to micromanage school projects.

Over the years, I have resisted the urge to rewrite, correct, and change my children’s homework. I would much rather offer assistance and guidance than do the work for them. I would prefer that the teacher know that my child did the work on their own. Believe me when I say that I have seen more than one science fair project or poster or diorama that was most definitely the work of the parent rather than the child.

I can say with pride that my tween was wholly responsible for her Science Fair project this spring. Aside from assistance with shopping — I drove her to Walmart to get her supplies and paid for the supplies — and filming and photographing the Science Fair project for my blog posts, my tween conducted the Science Fair experiment on her own.

Want to know about my tween’s preparations for her Science Fair experiment?

Musings from Mom? Yeah! I had a point-of-view about Science Fair experiments.

No project would be a hit with your tween without a shopping trip. Our Science Fair experience began with a trip to Walmart of everything from Ziploc containers, to tape, to display boards, to liquids, to many more items. Here’s our whrll…

Powered by Whrrl

To complete her Science Fair experiment, my tween analyzed the results of her experiment to see what effect different liquids had on eggshells. Her hypothesis was proven correct that darker liquids will stain eggshells, and eggshells in lighter liquids and clear liquids will show little to no discoloration. She wanted to see if Diet Coke does stain teeth. The eggshells were the stand in for actual teeth. We filmed her results along with her creation of the Elmer’s Tri-Fold Poster Board with assorted Elmer’s Project Popperz cutouts and markers.

For more information about the Society for Science and the public’s Broadcom Science Fair, go here. Find a Science Fair location near you.

Elmer’s is the Classroom Sponsor for the Broadcom Science Fair. You can Like Elmer’s on Facebook.

My tween and I participated in #ProjectReady for Elmer’s through Collective Bias. We were compensated for our time and supplies by Elmer’s through Collective Bias. The views expressed in this post are mine or those of my tween daughter.

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