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Disclosure: I am a Barely There Blogger. I have been sent selections of Barely There merchandise and a Scout bag during my term as a Barely There Blogger.

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I have a question for you. Do your kids ask your opinion on clothes they want to wear? Or shoes they want to buy? Mine don’t. In fact, the other day when my teen modeled a dress, I didn’t tell her whether I liked it or not. She didn’t expect me to say anything. I loved the dress. My teen has very good taste. In fact, both of my teens have a fashion style that is theirs. And I can tell you that they didn’t get their sense of fashion from me. Nope. And the day that one of my teens asks to borrow something from my closet will be a day to note on the calendar or write in my journal under the heading “Things That Never Happen.” Oh! There’s was that time that my teen borrowed my ’80s trench raincoat…but she needed it for a Halloween costume. And then there was that other time when my teen asked me if she could borrow a Christmas sweater…and in the next breath blurted out that she was going to an “Ugly Christmas Sweater Party.” Uh? Thanks a lot kid!

I shouldn’t be surprised that my teens don’t raid my closet as I mostly wear tees and pants or shorts with sneakers. Even my dress clothes for winter and summer are not up to snuff with them. I kind of like knowing where everything is. I remember a girl who lived on my floor in my college dorm exclaiming in an excited manner to my roommate that they were both the same size in clothes and shoes. I don’t recall if my roommate and this girl swapped clothes. I do remember vividly thinking that it was lucky or me that I wasn’t the same size as either girl. Over the years in college, I knew exactly where everything I wore was at all times. I knew that I would hate to get dressed for a party and find my dress shoes missing…or rather stashed in another person’s closet.

There is one item of clothing that the girls and I agree on. Do you want to know what that item is? Shhh…they would hate that I shared what the item was with you…but I know you can keep a secret, can’t you? The teens and I love undergarments. Shhh!

Color is important of course. Fit is of prime importance. And then style comes in a close third. Sports require a sports bra. Dressy outfits need delicate undergarments. Even color is important. Who wants to wear a black bra with a white shirt?

In my role as a Barely There Blogger I get care packages every month or so. I can tell you that the teens are very excited by these packages!

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Over the summer, I received packages with selections of Barely There items, including:

The Invisible Look Collection

  • A collection of undergarments with no seams, no tags, no ruffles, no bows, and no funny shapes under your clothes.
  • Bras with Balconette underwire.
  • Bras available in sizes: 34-36A, 34-40B, 34-40C, and 34-36D.
  • Panties with soft, smooth waistband; sleek shadow-striped fabric; no tags; no seams; and definitely no panty lines through your jeans.
  • Panties available in sizes: S/5, M/6, L/7, and XL/8.

Barely There Custom FlexCustomFlex Fit

  • A mix and match collection of reversible pullovers, bandinis, and panties.
  • Smart sizes shape to fit you.
  • Reversible and color blocking.
  • Quick drying and wrinkle resistant.
  • Available in XS, S, M, L, and XL.
  • All available in the following combos: Blueprint/Denim Wash, Charcoal/Black, White, Soft Taupe/Porcelain, and Phlox Pink/Poppy Pink.

Fuller Coverage Customized Lift

  • A line of bras with a customized lift system.
  • No more squishing out.
  • Fuller coverage cup and back.
  • A bra tailored to your shape where A cups = Lots of Lift, B cups = Moderate Lift, C cups = Everyday Lift, and D cups = Light Lift.
  • innovative cup design.
  • Vanishing cup edges.
  • Seamless look under clothes.
  • Available in sizes: 34-36A, 34-38B, 34-38C, and 34-38D.
  • Available in the following colors: Black, White, Soft Taupe, Warm Steel, and Leopard.

Don’t just take my word for it…go to Barely There and try out the Solution Finder for your perfect fit!

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