Cleaning Kitchens Is Easy with #MrCleanMorePower

Sponsored:  This is a sponsored post for SheSpeaks/Mr. Clean. I was sent a Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle cleaning kit and a Walmart gift card to facilitate my review. The views expressed in the view are my own.

Dirty Kitchen Floor Before Mr Clean MuscleI walked in to my kitchen and stopped. I almost fell over. I stopped and stared. I looked at the floor. Red spots? I saw a trail of red spots from the kitchen trash can to the doorway. Why was the floor covered in red spots? I looked at the floor for a few moments then remembered dragging a trash bag across the kitchen floor. So much for leak less kitchen trash bags. Ha! That red juice was not contained in the bag as evidenced by the red trail of juice from kitchen trash can to doorway. What a mess!

I can ignore the laundry piles. I can turn a blind eye to smudgy windows. I can shut the doors of messy kids’ bedrooms.  But if there is one household mess that even I cannot ignore, it is a messy kitchen floor. The kitchen is in the center of my home. You have to walk through the kitchen to get to the family room, living room, and dining room. There’s no hiding a messy kitchen floor. Trust me.

What my floor needed was a thorough cleaning with lots of elbow grease. What I lacked was the time to clean the floor. I work from home so when I am home I need to be working. I work while kids are in school. Household chores are squeezed in here and there. The kitchen floor was a big job that would require a considerable amount of time. That is until I remembered that I am part of the Mr Clean More Power Blogger Program.

I reached for the bottle of Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle and got to work. I filled a small bucket and gave that floor the cleaning it needed. I was very surprised at how easy it was the clean up the mess. I hardly needed any elbow grease at all. I mopped and in no time at all I was done. The floor was clean. No more trail of red juice. I’m a busy person, always on the go from one kids’ activity to the next, so I appreciate when a household task can be completed in a VERY short time.


Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle

I used Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on my kitchen floor. I plan to use this product on my stained kitchen counters, too. It also works on cabinets and kitchen sinks. A cleaning product that cleans a variety of household fixtures and fittings is music to my ears. I have to less to buy at the store if one cleaning product can work on multiple surfaces. Plus, I have more room in my storage cabinets if I only have to store a few cleaning products instead of an arsenal of bottles, cans, and spray bottles.

Next up on my cleaning list…

  • Bathroom floors
  • Kitchen and bathroom sinks
  • And so much more

In fact, if you think of all the grimy, needing-to-be-cleaned spots in your home, Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle is up to tackling the job. Any cleaning job in your home! Try Mr. Clean Liquid Muscle on a sponge or in a bucket to get all those grimy cleaning tasks done.

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