Christmas Lite

As every other mommy blogger out there, I have posted about stress and the holidays. But, what am I doing to ease my stress (thanks to my friends at for the suggestion):

– Minimizing the decorations inside and out. This year my 12 yo is not interested in decorating at all. My 10 yo and 5 yo have each done a little bit, but the lion share is on my shoulders. Now in their defense I think that both children would have done more, but I have been slow to get going with decorations. The inflatables are installed outside, but my living room is littered with boxes from the Christmas tree. So, we may have Christmas Lite.

– Christmas cards, to send or not to send. I have sent out cards since Crafty Daughter had her first Christmas…never missed a year. This year, I do not have a decent photo of all three of them, well, I have this one…

but, you can barely see my son and what is with the huge flower arrangement, anyway. I cannot face stuffing the envelopes and addressing them. Oh, by far the worst is licking the envelopes. Every year I lick, but still need to use tape…think the episode of Seinfeld where George’s girlfriend dies after licking envelopes…toxic!

– Hurry up and wait….I am a procrastinator by nature, but this year we are headed to NYC the weekend before Christmas. Yes, that would be the weekend I was planning to clean, paint the downstairs bathroom, and get ready for Christmas. I will just have to do what I can in the beginning of next week.

For information, on easing family stress check out:

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