Christmas Happened at Our House In Spite of My Procrastination

I’m Baaaaccckkkk! So, did you miss me? What?? Chirp, chirp, do I hear crickets? All kidding aside I gave myself a little blogging break. Have not posted since Wednesday. I wanted to post my Christmas photo of my children late Wednesday, but my husband my have threatened bodily harm if I blogged instead of wrapping and prepping for Christmas day. Party pooper. Hmmmfff.

So, what have we been doing the last few days:

  • Day before Christmas Eve was second full day with children at home. Our day went better…much less arguing from them and much less screaming from me. Yay!
  • That night we made an abortive attempt to see the Winter Lights…drove in to freezing rain, so we turned around and headed to WalMart. WalMart was suprisingly un-busy. Tried, but did not find Unaccompanied Minors–Crafty daughter has been looking for this since early December. The kids watched it last year and loved it. Finally found it on…gonna buy that puppy and use my amazon prime shipping…Yay!!
  • Christmas Eve is a bit of a blur. At 11 a.m. it seemed as though we had the whole day ahead of us. By 3ish I was mad at my husband for shaving rather than taking a shower–seriously the man takes the longest shower on record! Everything went from bad to worse. As we drove to 4 p.m. Mass in the rain…no place to park…far more people than last year…Mass started 10 minutes early…conspicuously made our way to the front of the church to join my parents and family…survived Mass with all children behaving well. Success!
  • Back to my sister’s for Christmas Eve shrimp feasting/Prince Caspian watching/cookie decorating/pajama wearing/Night Before Christmas reading fun.
  • The reality hit me as we drove home…I had a S%^&load to do…why am I such a procrastinator? Why hadn’t I wrapped anything? Why was my dining room table full of papers and crafts and boxes, which not exactly conducive to eating a Christmas dinner.
  • By 2 a.m. we were done…husband did food prep and I did wrapping and cleaning and lugging boxes o’ c%^p to basement.
  • Kids awoke at 7 a.m. Managed to fend them off kids until 7:50. each kid loved his/her gifts. Adventure Boy was thrilled by his Star Wars Millenium Falcon…Sporty Daughter loved her Barbies and High School Musical house…Crafty Daughter loved with a capital L her sleeping bag from L.L. Bean. In fact she lounged in it all day under a table in the living room—she’s an odd duck!

I’ll finish up our day in a new entry as I must hit the hay…

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