Christmas Can’t Happen Amid Boxes and Bags

It’s that time of year again where I unpack Christmas decorations. Sort through hooks. Decide which ornaments to put on the tree and which will go on a shelf. Assign kids a task or three. Assemble nativity sets. Decorate the Xmas tree. Persuade the husband to hang the lights from the roof — about every other year we have lights. Some years the husband declares it too cold to clip on the lights. Inflate the inflatables. Yes, we’ve gone down the path of no return…we have 5 inflatables. One for the past 5 years. A motley collection…moose, couple o’ penguins, train, motorcycle and Santa, and finally elephant??? I know, I know I don’t get it either. At least the other inflatables are polar-ish…but the elephant is decidedly not polar-ish. Oh well, the kids love them…

Once everything is unpacked… I can’t help but notice that the boxes seem to have mutiplied. How did I end up with twice as many empty boxes as full? It’s a mystery every year. And, you know what I wish would magically happen? That the box fairy would come on down and take all the boxes and bags to the basement.

This afternoon since the box fairy was due no time soon I hauled the boxes to the storage room. Now, once I was down there I realized that the boxes could only fit on the shelves if I made space. Why, oh why do I do this to myself? I had part of it sorted out within 15 minutes.

I unearthed knick knacks from two Christmases ago. I pulled  them off the mantel shelf to fit Xmas decs two years ago. The items never made it back on to the mantel shelf. I haven’t missed them! Onviously!

It was like a trip down memory lane as I looked at each one. I really do need to decide what to do with the box or two of knick knacks.

Back to dinner prepp. Plus it is hard to write when two children are staring over my shoulder and wanted to use the computer. :-p

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