Can You Find More than Just a Good Deal?

It started at BlogHer. I never thought of myself as a deal person, much less a deal blogger. But this year’s BlogHer was all about deals, coupons, good finds, discounts, and affiliate programs.  As I moved from aisle to aisle in the Expo Hall, I spotted at least one deal site per aisle. So, I left BlogHer abuzz with deals.

Truthfully, I had never purchased a deal before BlogHer. Like many I clicked on links from time to time, but had never purchased a deal. Committing to a deal seemed like…well…a big deal.

Would I use the deal? Did I really think I would take my family to Place A with the associated restrictions? Did I want a huge quantity of something even if it was a sweet deal? And the vacations! You know the ones…”Treat your family to an amazing vacation for the fabulous price of $___!” except the price is exorbitantly expensive. You might wonder if there is a deal site suited for you and your family.

After perusing and checking out and examining deal sites, I knew I needed a site that offers me the best the web has to offer. I want it all. Deals. Coupons.High-end deals. Cheapo deals. You name it…I wanted to find it on one site.

The site recommended to me by a friend is Brad’s Deals. As soon as I clicked on the link, I knew I was looking at a treasure trove of stuff. Deals, deals, and more deals. From the top navigation bar, I could choose from Top Deals, Newest Deals, Online Coupons, Printable Coupons, Shop by Categories, and Shop by Store.

I LOVE saving money…on anything. If I can’t save money on the item I am looking for or at least find free shipping, I would rather not buy anything. I wanted to delve deeper in to Brad’s Deals to see what goodies I could find. So I had a looksy at Coupons, specifically discount coupons. I wasn’t disappointed at all.

I found coupons for stores of the high-end variety…Macy’s, Apple Store, J.Jill, and Sephora. While I don’t shop at these stores, I would be more likely to explore the merchandise in these stores with a discount coupon. I love a good deal no matter where I find it.

Now don’t go thinking that this site is all about high-priced stores and nothing more. I found a bunch of stores that I regularly shop online, including:

  • Target — where would I be in August except shopping at Target for back-to-school supplies.
  • Office Depot — printer cartridges are super-duper expensive so finding a discount coupon would be fab.
  • And coupons for even Dell.

What I found useful about Brad’s Deals was the section for Expiring Coupons. The coupons are listed with the ones expiring today top of the list. I know that I have more than once found a coupon, attempted to use the coupon, and then abandoned the coupon after it was rejected at checkout. Maddening!

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