Can I Have Chocolate with My Chocolate Cake?

Jill Birthday Costco CakeI have a love-hate relationship with Costco chocolate sheet cake. There I said it.

I love that the cakes are big enough to feed an army or at least a house load of party guests.

I love the cakes adorned with roses, icing ribbons, and other decorative features. When a birthday party guest, squealed “Can I have a flower?” There were more than enough icing flowers to go round. Phew! Crisis averted!

I love that I can purchase a cake at the same time as I buy plates, cups, spoons and forks, and party food. Costco is a one-stop shopping experience. Sure, I would find a better selection of party goods at Party City, but why would I drive to two stores when I can drive to Costco and get everything I need?

I love that the cakes are tasty. I think there are other flavors…but since I am a chocoholic…we only buy chocolate. Why settle, you know?

But, there is one teeny, tiny drawback of the Costco coffee cake. The size. The cakes are huge. About 1 foot by 2 feet…maybe a little smaller. The cakes are 3-4 inches deep. That’s one hulking great cake. The cake barely fits in my fridge.

Even when we had big events like birthday parties with 20 kids or  a baptism celebration with 30 adults and children, we never finished the whole cake. Never. I remember carving massive pieces for every guest just to have less of the cake left, but one of my mom friends had to come to me to ask me to cut her little boy’s piece in half. Ooops. My plan backfired! But, we had plenty of cake left for the next day!

In the last few years,

. But the cakes themselves don’t have a delicate chocolate flavor. If I had my druthers and money was no object I would get an assortment of only chocolate cupcakes from Georgetown Cupcakes to serve to my guests

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