Can Anyone Remember Pre-Answering Machine Days?

I posted this over at on whether teens know the value of big-ticket items purchased for them:

Do you remember the days before cell phones (1990?)…in the deep dark murky past? I got my first cell phone in 1995 — it was the “emergency/only use it if I go in to labor” phone.

What about pre-answering machine days? At my childhood home in England, the phone was in the study on a shelf. There was no chair beside the phone. The phone was a rotary dial phone, too. No answering machine! You would dial the phone. It would ring and ring and ring. No answer meant no one is home or no one can be bothered answering. The solution: call back until someone answers!

I posted this as part of a discussion a mom posted about a mom friend who was controlling her teen and the mom friend’s daughter go together:

I would also remember that kids can come up with ideas that make us scratch our heads. Perhaps your friend’s daughter planned a party without letting her mom know the details. My dauughter came home talking about a party she was planning to throw at our house. I started asking questons. I talked to her about the advance planning needed for a party. 3 days was not enough notice. She never had the party because I found out that (a) her friend was the one who wanted to have the party at our house — I told my daughter she could have the party, but it had to be her idea. I didn’t want another kid pulling the strings and (b) my daughter wanted to invite boys to the party — she was 13 and I was not ready for a Boy/Girl party!

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