Can a #nontechie Handle a Verizon Palm Pre Plus?

Technology and me do not go together like carrots and peas. I have more than my fare share of odd blips when dealing with a computer, or phone, or TV, or you name the gadget and I probably have a story to tell. My husband has more than once figured out why the printer is suddenly on the fritz. And isn’t it funny how the printer or computer or laptop malfunction just before a big deadline is looming. Or is it just me??

I have had issues with cell phones. Cell phone ringing in a meeting and not able to turn it off….yep, that was me. Screen blank and phone not responding…me again. So, it was with some degree of trepidation that I set out to test drive the Verizon Palm Pre Plus. I had heard only positive reports from others, but others are not me. I am a self-confessed #nontechie. How would I manage with this new-fangled 3G smartphone?

Surprisingly well. Here’s why.

  • I purchased the Palm Pre Plus at the Verizon store close to me.
  • I asked many, many questions of the sales person.
  • I wanted to know all the ins and outs of the phone before purchasing. I even talked to a Verizon product specialist.Rob was super knowledgeable.
  • The salesperson transferred all my data from my old phone to my new phone, including all contacts and my calendar! I was truly surprised to see my old Samsung’s calendar residing in my new phone.

With contacts and calendar, all I needed were a few apps. Facebook was preloaded. E-mail was initiated in the store by the salesperson — she insisted that I not leave the store without checking to see if both accounts were activated. Once home, I activated twitter and tweeted my first status update:

OMG I can do retweet on my #VerizonPalmPrePlus phone. Could not do RT on old phone. Woohoo! *will RT in moderation!

Life is good in my part of the world!

I was given a Verizon Palm Pre phone for review. The opinions expressed in the article are mine, not those of Verizon.

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