Camp Is Not Just for Summer

Whether you are working from home or working out of the home, you will want to have piece of mind that your children are occupied. Winter break is short his year, so Kindercare is offering winter camps to keep your little ones occupied.

News from MomSelect…

Explore a Winter Camp that gives your children everything they crave now. KinderCare is proud to announce that this year’s Winter Camp is believed to be the best yet! Combining fun and learning, KinderCare offers programs that kids think are cool and parents know are smart — they balance loads of fun with a healthy dose of learning.

From December 19th – December 23rd and December 27th – December 30th, both preschool and school-age children can participate in KinderCare’s Winter Camp. Children will explore the science of chemical reactions and learn about the magic of flight through educational and hands-on themed activities:

  • “Bubble Trouble”
  • “Volcano Blast”
  • “Helicopter Propellers”
  • “Balloon Rockets”

KinderCare’s Winter Camp helps encourage and reinforce core learning activities such as

  • language arts
  • math and science
  • creative expression

Winter Camp is specifically designed to offer a balance of fun and learning during winter break, while providing parents, who may need to work or simply catch up on holiday shopping and errands, with a simple solution for engaging their child in fun, educational activities.

For more information and to find a KinderCare camp near you visit You can also find science experiments to do at-home by logging onto

Want to have more fun over winter break? Why not purchase a gift for the whole family to enjoy? Although once your kids get ahold of it, you might never see it again.

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