BzzAgent: Glad Sense & Spray Automatic Spray

When I joined my first BzzAgent campaign, I really had no idea what to expect. My thoughts ranged from what exactly is a BzzAgent to what am I supposed to Bzz about.

The BzzAgent folks sent me the Glade_Sense_&_Spray to try in my home and the Bzz about. I found out that Bzzing can mean having a conversation with your spouse to chitchatting about the product to your coworker. Twittering and Facebooking is fine, but face-to-face conversations are probably more efective in terms of promoting the merits of the products.

Which brings me to…how do you talk about a spray that you use in your bathroom to masque those “smells.” Yes, I agree that is quite the ewww topic. But, being the good BzzAgent that I am trying to be, I have been Bzzing about the Glade Sense & Spray.

I can say without a doubt that it is the most effective bathroom type air freshener that I have ever encountered. The Glade Sense & Spray can sit anywhere in your bathroom. Once a person “uses” the “facilities” and “creates an odor that needs to be eliminated” (no pun intended) the Glade Sense & Spray releases a puff of scented mist that is very pleasant. The Glade Sense & Spray releases the spray once it detects motion.

My Glade Sense & Spray came in Clean Linen. Other scents include Apple Cinnamon, Country Garden, and Powder Fresh. Refills are available for purchase.

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