Build-a-Bear: the Second Greatest Place on Earth

I downloaded a sidebar from twitter moms that contained a link to Feels Like Home. I twitter with Feels Like Home and feel like I know her…except for one teeny, tiny insignificant detail–the fact that I don’t know 100 percent of the people I meet on the net, yet feel like I do. Hi, strangers!

FeelsLikeHome wants me to write a post on my favorite stuffed animal grimy or not as she is holding a giveaway for a Build-a-Bear. Well, I have many stuffed animals to choose from, so here’s my TOP 5:

  1. Growly Bear given to me by my grandmother in England. Stiff bear who used to growl when turned over, but now just has a faint murmur. Think stuffed horse from Velveteen Rabbit…not comfy and cozy at all.
  2. Pink Pig purchased by me in Costco (Did you know that Costco used to be called Price Costco and before that it was Price Club?) circa 1991…told my then-new husband I had to have it. Looks like a Gund, but is not.
  3. Gund Bear–beige in color, goes with Pink Pig.
  4. Gorilla–Rodney the Gorilla with cap and gown given to me by someone (parents? sister?)at my college graduation.
  5. Last, but not least, a small frog given to me by my college hallmate who left Franklin & Marshall College midway through the fall semester of our freshman year–1983. I treasured the frog as I coped with missing my friend. Denise Riordan where are you?
All the above stuffed animals were sitting on two chairs in my living room until I decorated for Christmas two weeks ago. Every single one is packed in the deep, dark recesses of my basement. In the interest of not getting lost down there, here’s my youngest holding “Gus” the Central Park Zoo bear. My son had fun carrying Gus around the gift shop. Unfortunately, Gus was $48, so Gus stayed in NYC while we returned to MD.

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