Brrrr: Beach Time In Manchester

With summer approaching, thoughts of water, sand, and sun spring to mind.

I was born in Manchester. We spent many rainy, windy days bundled in blankets behind windbreaks sipping hot tea at the “seaside” in Southport. My sister and I would run about on the beach. The sea was miles away.

My parents and grandmother would cower behind the windbreak that was attached to the car we drove on the beach. The sea seemed to be miles away.

As a child I spent vacations in the summer sun and summer cold. I moved from Withington, Manchester, to New Jersey back to Chorlton-cum-Hardy, Manchester, back to New Jersey back to Wilmslow, Cheshire, all before the age of 10. In my teens we lived in Italy. I moved to Pennsylvania for college and now live in Maryland.

I miss many things about England…but not the cold summers!

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