Board Games: Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Lose

Family game night is something we all love. With a range in ages, it is hard to find a game we ALL love.

Some hits and some misses:


  • Apples to Apples Junior — easy enough for 7-year-old, but still fun for the 14-year-old. She prefers the older version of Apples to Apples. Her brother finds the older version frustrating as the words are a little too challenging.
  • Candyland — short and sweet. We’ve had a few squirmishes over the Queen Frostine card over the years. I made the mistake of letting my daugther find the Queen Frostine card one too many times. She wasn’t happy when someone else got the card.
  • Elefun — great game for the 5 and unders.
  • Monopoly Junior Edition — short and sweet. Easy-to-follow rules.
  • Bananagrams — A free form Scrabble. Play as a group or divide letters to play individually
  • Twister. Love this game. I wish I was a tad bit more limber. I usually can do two feet and 1 hand, but collapse after I have to move to another color. Kids think it is hilarious!


  • Mousetrap. Kids love it, but in all the years we have played the mousetrap has NEVER worked correctly. My kids at 5 would get so frustrated when the “ball down the shoot” did not work.
  • Monopoly — I just don’t care about buying houses, properties, at all.
  • Any game based on a TV show is a huge miss. The games are overly complicated. Kids argue over who gets to be Gabriella and Troy.
  • Hasbro Operation — Have you ever been able to get the rubberband on the appendix?? Again a very frustrating game for adults, let alone kids!

What are your faves? Duds?

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