Board Games: Sometimes You Win and Sometimes You Lose

Family game night is something we all love. With a range in ages, it is hard to find a game we ALL love.

Some hits and some misses:


  • Apples to Apples Junior — easy enough for 7-year-old, but still fun for the 14-year-old. She prefers the older version of Apples to Apples. Her brother finds the older version frustrating as the words are a little too challenging.
  • Candyland — short and sweet. We’ve had a few squirmishes over the Queen Frostine card over the years. I made the mistake of letting my daugther find the Queen Frostine card one too many times. She wasn’t happy when someone else got the card.
  • Elefun — great game for the 5 and unders.
  • Monopoly Junior Edition — short and sweet. Easy-to-follow rules.
  • Bananagrams — A free form Scrabble. Play as a group or divide letters to play individually
  • Twister. Love this game. I wish I was a tad bit more limber. I usually can do two feet and 1 hand, but collapse after I have to move to another color. Kids think it is hilarious!


  • Mousetrap. Kids love it, but in all the years we have played the mousetrap has NEVER worked correctly. My kids at 5 would get so frustrated when the “ball down the shoot” did not work.
  • Monopoly — I just don’t care about buying houses, properties, at all.
  • Any game based on a TV show is a huge miss. The games are overly complicated. Kids argue over who gets to be Gabriella and Troy.
  • Hasbro Operation — Have you ever been able to get the rubberband on the appendix?? Again a very frustrating game for adults, let alone kids!

What are your faves? Duds?

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  1. July 7, 2010 at 11:30 am

    We’ve got our kids playing Eurogames already; they’ll more complex than the typical American games and are a lot more fun for the adults who have to play them over and over.

    Since your youngest is in 2nd grade, I’d recommend Chateau Roquefort. It’s a mice-chasing-cheese game with mazes and a board that shifts around on each player’s turn. It’s challenging even for us! We also like Gulo Gulo and Flea Circus.

    Some more mainstream games you might like are Blokus and Monopoly Deal (the card game).

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