Blogging, Campaigns, Conferences, and a Touch of Envy #BlogHer

I’ll admit it. I can get envious from time to time. I hate to admit, but I can let other people’s success get to me. I don’t know why.

I mean I’m having a really good year right now. I’m working as a community manager for one company, a social media manager for another, and I have a couple of sites that I write for. I’m bringing in money for my family. I paid for math tutoring this year for instance.

But, I can get rattled when I hear of a blogger talking about a campaign or a sponsored post or even a BlogHer party invite that I didn’t get. As much as I try to suppress it, I can help keeping up with the Jones’ of blogging.

From time to time, I get the teensiest tiniest bit of jealousy, which I usually keep buried about bloggers who seem to have limitless funds to do blogging right. Their blogs look gorgeous, they look gorgeous, they have plenty of childcare. They are the ones who can hire a designer to revamp their blog instead of begging a friend or doing a half-baked DIY redesign job.

The “green with envy” piece kicks in when I think about those who can purchase multiple conference passes/flights/hotels without scrambling for sponsorships like I have done in the past. Speaking of sponsorships and blogging and connecting with brands and bloggers, I’m looking for a sponsor for BlogHer 11. Contact me at for my sponsorship engagement ideas for your brand.

Do you get envious of bloggers? How do you deal with it?

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