Birthday…Just Another Day

The 5-year-old was a trooper today. He really did not want to shop at Staples. He could not keep his paws of the printers. Our trip was short.

O.K. this is wacky. I was pulling out of Staples when my good friend from our old job was pulling in to a space. She was with her daughter, who is the same age as my 12-year-old. We made tentative plans to get together once my class is over. I can’t wait. Funny thing is that her daughter dressed just like my daughter. I guess all these middle schoolers have the same dress sense.

Swimming tomorrow, then school work for me, then band concert for 9-year-old, and volleyball for 12-year-old.

Somewhere in the craziness of our everyday life I turned 4-mumble, mumble…well, you get the idea. The chidlren under the 12-year-old’s supervision each gave me a card…handmade the best that there is. The 12-year-old even included a coupon book with coupons for babysitting, a meal cooked by her, and some other very cute things. We had cupcakes and a 7 pound cake with 20,000 calories…I am not making this up. Both were delicious.

Tomorrow…back to the grind.

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