Best Mom in the World!

Best Mom in the World -

Some days I need a lift…today was one of those days… My new friend @cutestkidever awarded me The Best Mom in the World Award!

Here’s my acceptance speech:

I’d like to thank *sniff* cutestkidever *sniff* for this *sniff* Best Mom Ever *sniff* award. I would not be where I am today without the following…Diet Coke, Doritos, Pampers Diapers, Kohl’s Plus Size clothes even if I hate that I picked the same shirt that an 80-year-old lady picked, Fisher Price Toys, Starbucks, friends who get me, the blogging community at large, an afternoon nap even if my children are wreaking havoc in my house, and last but not least twitter. Twitter is the answer to my many and varied tech/parenting/80s music/Hollywood celeb trivia questions. At any hour of the day and night I can find a friend on twitter.

I passed the award on to some cool mom friends on twitter. I count these ladies as friends because they are there for me when I have a question, or want to vent, or need cheering up, or want to be told I made the right decision. Here’s my local and not so local mom posse: @ohmariana @feelslikehome @complicatedmama @scatteredmom @1momof5 @workoutmommy @stimey @jodifur @twincident

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