Back to School: School Bus or Car Pool?

Back to school already?

This morning was a little less rushed than the previous two days. Why? One reason, and one reason only. Car pools rock on the day you DON’T have to do the car pool.

This week I’ve juggled drives to and from school and practice with 3 other moms and I have to tell you that CAR POOLS ROCK. We had emails, texts, and even Facebook messages going back and forth to set up one car pool. Another car pool kind of evolved and picked up where we left off last year.

A few of the moms I’ve talked with this week are veteran car pool-ers. These moms — and sometimes dads — have it down. They know what to do and when to do it. They’ll tell you the route that works best. They’ll let you in on a couple car pool never-to-be-broken rules. They’ll set a meeting place that works for everyone. In a very short time I am fully “down” with the car pool.

I was welcomed and instructed in the ways of the car pool. Almost all of the moms have done car pools since kids were itty bitty. It’s a bit of a culture shock for this mom of school bus riders.

It was 2001 when my oldest hopped on the school bus and literally did not give us a backward glance. My child was SO ready for kindergarten. She couldn’t wait another moment to get started on her academic journey. We talked about the school bus, read books about going to a new school. As I stood on the driveway adrift and a tad teary eyed she couldn’t wait to get to school.

This year we have two bus riders and one car pool rider. I’m excited and a little worried about this year. And it’s an end to summer, but a beginning of a new school year. Roll on 2012-2013 school year!


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