Back in the swing of things

I think I may have solved–temporarily–my time management problems. I have this problem with multitasking. I am either a full-time stay-at-home mom or I am a part-time graduate student. Now when I am a grad student, I still have all the mom responsibilities. I just have a harder time completing mundane things like laundry when I am trying to figure out some graphic issue. I get so wrapped up in the writing involved for class as well that I forget to feed people. Or like tonight forget to pick someone up from school…oopsie, hey I was only 5 minutes late. But, you get the picture.

So, today I solved my problems by checking my e-mail less…still checking, just not as voraciously. This helped me finish my rough draft in time even factoring in a stop at the party goods store for the 4 soon to be 5’s party.

O.K. now where was I…that’s right dinner, laundry…blah, blah.

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