Babies? Yep, There’s an App for That

The scraps of paper. Notebooks purchased with the best of intentions. Writing on my hands and arm. Telling my sleepy spouse the time and praying that he remembered when I started nursing as I knew I was too sleep-deprived to remember.
I tried these and more to keep track of my baby’s feeding, diapering, and sleeping schedule. But, my methods were hit or miss. Babies got fed, changed, bathed, and put down to sleep for naps or nighttime. I craved a routine…a schedule with my infants and babies. I needed to know that I was doing everything I could to keep my baby on a schedule, but whatever method of tracking was short-lived.
I was contacted about an app — The Similac Strong Moms app — which looked like a great way to keep track of your infant’s schedule. I was anxious to give it a try.

Similac Strong Moms app -- download from itunes

The Similac Strong Moms app works with iphone, but also with an itouch. The app was easy to download. Once downloaded, I got to work recreating a day-to-day or really hour-by-hour feeding and changing routine for Baby Jordan — my pretend 4th child, He’s a sweet baby…no trouble at all!

I created a routine and carried out the feeding, sleeping, and diaper changing via the Similac Strong Moms app. The app was super useful. I did not forget to record or omit any steps in my daily routine with Baby Jordan.
I was compensated for my post by Similac through Collective Bias. The views expressed in the post are my own.

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