April 20-26 — National TV Turn-Off Week

Without TV to watch, a kid, a preteen, and a teen might have fun playing with the box that the TV came in!

Did you know that tomorrow is the first day of National TV Turn-Off Week. It goes through April 26. It comes at a perfect time with spring in the air and kids ready to blow off steam at the end of the school day. The weather might finally be nice this week…you never know.

We’ve been on an inconsistent path with National TV Turn-Off Week in the past. I have never forced my children to participate. For two years Sporty Daughter did it all by herself. To the best of my knowledge Crafty Daughter has never done it. My son has been exempt in previous years. My policy has always been that I use TV as a way to keep children not in full-day school occupied, so that I can help other children do their homework. This policy has always worked for us.

This year I have a kid, a preteen, and a teen in full-day school. This winter was not our most active. The children each have at least a practice and a game per week. Two of my children play two sports. So, I am not worried about whether they are getting enough exercise. I do worry about our screen time: TV, computer, handheld game, and wii/PlayStation game. This winter it seemed that as soon as homework was done the TV was turned on. My middle daughter even perfected the art of putting the TV on the lowest volume possible so that sometimes I had no idea that the TV was even on. Sneaky, sneaky!

This year I’m going to insist that we are TV-free in the evenings. My teen will not like this! The weather is too nice to be cooped up inside AND we could do with getting off the couch more. I have a giveaway coming up sponsored by Subway and NIH to spread the word about the WE CAN! — Ways to Enhance Children’s Activity and Nutrition program. Keep checking back for this giveaway of cool toys and games to play with your family!

So, are you planning to do National TV Turn-Off Week?

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