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All About Me…
I’m English — although at this point I have been in the U.S. for more than half of my life. I’m a proud U.S. citizen. My nomadic childhood of living in 8 houses in 3 countries while attending 7 schools is in stark contrast to the fact that I have lived in my home for 15 years, been married for 19 years, and lived in Maryland for 24 years.

I have three children: a kid, a preteen, and a teen. I’m in my 8th year of volunteering at my children’s elementary school. I currently volunteer twice a week in kindergarten. My volunteer duties range from chairing the Summer Workbook program to leading the Baltimore Ravens mascot around the elementary school Fall Festival. Note: Washington Redskins fans can be a little rough with Poe the Raven!

I find it difficult to describe what I do, but here goes…I’m a former WAHM turned SAHM who is now a WAHM. Question: Can you be a WAHM if you don’t earn a salary? Basically, I’m a blogger/twitterer/Facebooker/guest poster/social networker. I’m a product reviewer and hoster of giveaways. I’m the Preteen editor for I write for I contribute to

My kids would describe me as…
Hmmm…good question. The kid — a 6-year-old kindergartener — would describe me as a “rain-er on his parade.” I’m the one who makes him do homework, eat dinner, brush his teeth, and clean up his toys. On the flipside, he loves when I spend time with him — watching movies, writing cards, playing a game — when the other two children are out somewhere. He loves to have my or anyone else’s undivided attention. I love that I was a SAHM during his entire life, in contrast to my WAHM status with his sisters.

The preteen — a 10-year-old 5th grader — would describe me as funny. We banter back and forth with lines from the Shrek movies and the Simpson’s Movie. She knows that she can hold a pretend hat in her hands while holding her hands underneath her chin a la Puss in Boots from Shrek and I will say “Yes” to any of her requests. She thinks that I nag her to clean her room and practice the clarinet — eh, it’s what I do!

The teen — a 13-year-old 7th grader — would describe me as the person who takes her to Starbucks for a frappucino, Burger King for a sundae, Dunkin Donuts for an iced coffee, and basically anywhere else on the days I pick her up from school for a doctor/dentist appointment. I know this sounds superficial, but we actually have the best conversations in the car. She is smallish for her age, so I only let her sit in the front seat on short journeys due to the airbag. We chat about school. She is more forthcoming about school information, friend issues, hopes for the future while in the car than at any other time. I suspect it is the prospect of getting a drink/food…hey, I’ll take anything I can get.

My favorite product I reviewed.
EA Sports Active! I first heard about the product on twitter. I was consumed by the need for this product. I wanted to jump on the 30-Day Challenge bandwagon in the worst way. I followed the tweets of @reneejross,  @jessicaknows, and @daddyclaxton with great interest. I had to have this game. Period.

I did the following to get my hands on this game — the desperate part:

– I entered 5 (perhaps more) giveaways held by bloggers.
– I did some serious sleuthing to find out the name/details of the PR firm handling the distribution of review copies.
– I completed the PR survey for a chance to review the game.
– In a minor panic after reading tweets about bloggers getting copies of the game, I contacted the PR firm to re-confirm my interest. Can you say desperate?
– The date for the PR firm to choose reviewers came and went — I was crestfallen.
– I received an e-mail from @jessicaknows about a contest that involved sending an e-mail to friends about EA Sports Active. I hit send as soon as I received the e-mail. 

The funny part:

I now have 3 copies of the game! One for myself and two to give away. I will give one away to my friends at home through a house party. I will give the other copy away on my blog — stay tuned for giveaway details.

Moral of story: Never give up on a dream! 

My children would pick:

The kid — Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles DVDs by a country mile.
The preteen — Sinupret homeopathic medication mascot — a tiny bear wearing a Sinupret t-shirt.
The teen — Florastor anti-diarrheal medication mascot — a green blobby stuffed thingie with white ears/protrusions on its head. I think it is a supposed to be a good germ to restore proper bowel function. :p

What do you find hardest about reviewing products? And the most rewarding?
Hardest part is writing the review. I get the worst writer’s block. I worry that what I write about the product will be obvious and not worth reading. I have found that if I write just one anecdote about my experience with the product that I am able to write a decent review. I think I get tongue-tied writing about the specifics of the product. I tend to be better at explaining my direct experiences.

The most rewarding part of reviewing is the thought that someone might read my review and decide to purchase the product.

What are your goals as a blogger?
My goal would be to have a blog that people would want to not only stop at, but keep returning to. I know I have something to say. I’ve had people compliment my writing style. I need to find a way to give my blog an authentic, readable, relevant voice. I’d like to be a brand — I know this sounds a little high-falutin’ but in small ways I am trying to brand myself:

– I tweet as @musingsfromme
– My blog is (complete redesign thanks to @ohmariana at
– My blog title is Musings from Me on Kids, Preteens, and Teens

I use the word “musings” to signify what I have to say to potential readers. I muse on this and that. I provide musings on issues that are relevant to me and to other blog readers. I’m a work in progress!

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