A Touch of Magic with a Patronus Charmballa Bracelet

Disclosure: I was sent a Patronus Charmballa Bracelet to facilitate my review. I was paid to write this post.

Bracelet BagThere’s something magical about a book about a world utterly different from your own. A world where unusual events happen at a moment’s notice. Where characters have experiences so unusual that you are drawn deeper and deeper in to the book. You read and are mesmerized by the characters. You want to live where the characters live. You can’t out the book down.

The Harry Potter books are that way for my kids. Reading one book, let to reading another. Reading the books led to seeing not one, not two, not even three, but all of the movies. We’ve seen Harry Potter documentaries. The kids and I have read books about what goes on behind the scenes in the filming of the movies. We even spent a magical, all be-it chilly(!), vacation at Universal Orlando a couple of winters ago where we absolutely fell in love with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. You could say we are Harry Potter-philes to the max!

When we were at Universal Orlando, the kids each bought a wand from Olivander’s wand shop. Aside from the books, DVDs, and these wands, we have no other Harry Potter merchandise. So you can imagine how excited I was to receive a very special piece of Harry Potter-inspired jewelry!

Joseph Nogucci has a line of jewelry that features charmballas…charm bracelets…but very sophisticated charm bracelets. I handed the Patronus Charmballa Bracelet to my oldest as soon as I opened the package. I knew that this piece would be the perfectly suited to her style. She loved how the bright red crystals stood out against the black beads and silver charms. The bracelet is a very nice piece of jewelry. Perfect for a night out with friends. Sure to be a conversation starter.

The Patronus Charmballa Bracelet retails for $49, but it is currently on sale for $29. This is a limited edition piece so don’t wait as it is selling quickly!

Bracelet WristHere’s a little more information about the Patronus Charmballa Bracelet from the Joseph Nogucci website:

Inspired by one of the most famous wizards in the magical world, we’ve collected recognizable pieces of his story to bring you this awesome Patronus Bracelet.

Adorned with the symbol of the three brothers to protect and bring strength, this fascinating wrist piece features the lightning bolt that started it all. Ruby red crystals complement the black nylon braiding and keep the Philosopher’s Stone close at hand. And how could we forget about the Quaffle. Also represented are two green-eyed silver owl charms to characterize our wizard’s loyal feathered companion, and little Pigwidgeon.

Black beads with silver stars bring invisibility a whole new meaning.

Last but not least, at the forefront of this magical piece of arm candy is a sparkly golden crystal shamballa with silver dangling wings representing the fast and elusive game-winning snitch.

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