A Picture Is Worth a Thousand Words (or something like that)

I read a post over at From_Dates_to_Diapers on the proliferation of huge blogging events for moms — #hanescomfortcrew #magicalmoms. BlogHer will be a sea of mommybloggers who are there with corporate sponsorship, as well. Christine responded to questions about why she seems to be among a “select” group of mommy bloggers invited. From reading twitter tweets I know that there are many moms who go on these bloggie adventures. I think that we are just familiar with certain names from blogs, twitter, and FaceBook and when those names come up it rings a bell. In actuality Christine says that she gets picked because she networks and positions herself as a potential spokesmom. I like what Christine has to say. You should read her post for tips on how to get yourself noticed by companies.

I just have one question though…

I’m wondering if the blogger’s photo has anything to do with it. The photo on my blog shows who I am — a 40-something, unglamorous mom. I’m actually kind of proud of my gray hair, and the fact that I last wore makeup when I was a full-time editor in the mid-90s. Think blue eye shadow and rose-colored blush. But…

Does my age put companies off? Are companies looking for 20- and 30-something moms only? It’s true that 20- and 30-something moms seem to be more on the cutting edge with blogs. This is just my opinion from the short time I have been blogging. Most blogs I read are from younger moms. Oh, I have met a great group of women who like me are in their 40s.

I love reading blogs written by people who are my age — I feel a connection. We played with the same toys growing up (Chrissy doll), listened to the same music in college (Duran Duran), remember being a certain age when events happened (in college when the Challenger space shuttle imploded).

Certainly in my real life none of my friends have a blog. A few don’t have any idea what a blog is. A few more admit to not reading e-mails, preferring to talk on the phone. I wish I had started blogging when my oldest was little. I know blogging would have been a great outlet for my frustrations during my early mom years.

So, what do you think? Is it easier for the younger moms to get noticed by companies? Is age just a number? Leave a comment and let me know what you think.

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