A New Way for Kids To Interact Online: Yoursphere

About 3 weeks ago I found a banner ad for Yoursphere. I clicked on it and was immediately intrigued. Yoursphere is a new place for kids to meet online — a safe place without predators. I have 10-year-old and 12-year-old daughters who I worry about when they go online.
Yoursphere is a meeting place where kids aged 9 through 18 can “connect in a fun, positive, and uniquely safe online environment.” Yoursphere is completely adult-free. Kids can interact in hubs called “spheres” where people of shared interests — music, fashion, sports, gaming, and academics — can interact.
Yoursphere’s mission is to keep its online community free of creepers or predators. As the parent of three children, I want to keep my children safe online.
I am now a Mom Advocate for Yoursphere — one of only a handful in the country. To find out about this online community, go to www.yoursphere.com?coupon=YSMD-BERR

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