A Mother’s Day Gallery for Every Day

My Mother's Day Gallery for Everyday

I like to think of myself as a rock. Steady. Not prone to bursts of emotion. The one with the clear head who rises above it all. The truth is that I am cool under pressure. I can be relied upon to get it done in a crisis situation. But, show me a Hallmark commercial and I melt. So my toughish exterior is just that…an exterior.

It’s not just commercials that get me going. In fact every time I walk up the stairs in my house, I tear up. There in pride of place is my Mother’s Day Gallery. Except that my “gallery” is not just for Mother’s Day…it is for every day. A set of most unique Mother’s Day gifts!

On three special days, I received the most precious of gifts from my three children. All three poured their little creative selves in to a most precious hand and foot print masterpiece. What is absolutely awesome about these hand and footprints paintings is that each shows the character of my children. I want to take a moment to thank their preschool teachers. Can you imagine the time it takes to get a group of feisty, fidgety 3-year-olds to stay still long enough to do this? Ahem. But, back to their creations…

My older daughter is an independent, out-of-the-box thinker and I love how she used her feet on her painting. Makes me think of all the times she has been a trailblazer in our family. She’s the oldest child in our family and the oldest grandchild on each side of our families. She does EVERYTHING first…and wouldn’t have it any other way.

My younger daughter’s creation is a hand and footprint flower on a hessian cloth. I love the dark green of the cloth in contrast to the light purple hand print flowers. And it’s a little foot…a foot as a leaf…how cute is that?? She took so much pride in her painting and was insistent that I only open her Mother’s Day gift on Mother’s Day morning. No sooner. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Except that she brought the wrapped gift to me every day for about a week. I was DYING to open the gift. She would say “Mommy, you can’t open it…until MOTHER’S DAY!” I could see that it was a rolled print of some sort. By Mother’s Day morning I tore in to that wrapping paper…like, well, a 3-year-old!

My son’s creation is very like him. Big, bold, and in charge. He gave his masterpiece to me on Christmas. He was the only one of my three to go to a church preschool. I treasure his hand print wreath. He did a good job, didn’t he? You can’t see the red berries very clearly, but I am impressed by how neat he was. His teachers made sure that we not only had a wonderful memento from our son, but also a Christmas decoration for years to come!

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