A Little Bit of This and That

Musings from me. A something and nothing post. Bulleted items are all I can manage. Nothing is wrong, just getting caught up in reading other people’s blogs while not attending to my own.

– Two out of the last three nights I have fallen asleep on the couch without brushing my teeth…yuck.

– Those same two nights I have not blogged. Coincidence I very much think so.

NaBloPoMo was a great motivator for me. I need to get back in the daily blogging habit.

– “You like me, you really like me” or people felt sorry for me and clicked the “Follow” button. Either way Welcome, new followers.

– I have been the recipient of a huge giveaway from www.typeamom.net and www.FoodieMama.com Definitely feeling the love with all the packages that are arriving and continue to arrive. So, far I have received a Zip-n-Go blanket from www.zipngoblanket.blogspot.com, a set of trivets and a mortar and pestle (this alone was worth entering the giveaway for — I have always wanted a mortar and pestle! As a child I used a rolling pin to grind walnuts.), Tastefully Simple pound cake and preserve, as well as many others.

– My kids either make me laugh or yell. No middle ground. This morning Adventure Boy added candy to his sister’s side of the gingerbread train. As they were decorating last night my internal monologue was saying “Why didn’t you buy two gingerbread kits?? Actually the decoration went well until I marked out her area of the white icing snow from his area of the snow. He encroached on her area with a candy cane. It was not pretty.

– This morning Sporty Daughter told me in a conspiratorial whisper that Adventure Boy was wearing his Speed Racer t-shirt over his turtle neck. I said “Ahem, why don’t you look at what you are wearing?” She was wearing denim shorts over leggings…why, I am not sure. I am certain that she thinks it is a fashion statement of what I don’t know. Kids?!?

– Mommy Mo’ at www.lisatexasmommy.blogspot.com wrote a wonderful about helping a friend of her MIL. The friend is having a hard time making it with a large family. Mommy Mo’ asked how we were all planning to pay it forward. I posted that I have a bag of food to donate to a needy family in my area. I am also taking down the recycling and trash cans for our elderly neighbor. She is in poor health and uses oxygen 24/7. Her husband is in a retirement home. My kids are helping as well. Crafty Daughter will take the trash cans and recycling bin up the driveway after she gets off the bus. Sporty Daughter and Adventure Boy will get our trash/recycling cans. It all works out. We all feel good about what we are doing.

Thanks for listening. If you want to tell Mommy Mo’ how you are planning to pay it forward, leave a post for her www.lisatexasmommy.blogspot.com . It’s the season!

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