5th Birthday!

Well, the fifth birthday celebrations are at an end. He had lots of fun the last two weeks while he celebrated his birthday. His birthday was April 3.

We celebrated his party over several days/weeks.

-On April 2, the day before his birthday, he celebrated his birthday at school. He chose a favorite book to bring in…Chick a Chick a Boom Boom. His school has banned all birthday cupcakes and treats due to allergies. It is kind of a shame, but at least he will get to celebrate his birthday in kindergarten with a cupcake. He got a birthday crown and he was “start of the week” so he had good fun at school.

– On April 3 he turned 5. He also had a swimming lesson on the same day. I was not sure how he would do…but he did great. He did everything asked of him by the teacher. He is not listening all that well when it is not his turn to demonstrate his mad skills–he tends to go under water. Consequently he does not hear the teacher’s instructions. He is doing so well with the swimming part. Hopefully his listening skills will improve.

– The paternal grandparents came on April to deliver his airplane seesaw. The girls and James love the seesaw. I think it fits 7 kids and holds up to 200 pounds. It is nice to have something all the kids can play with. Our swingset is still in pieces…hopefully to be reconstructed one day soon.

– On April 3 we took James out to dinner. We at at Chevy’s–love their food and the fact that the kids can see tortillas being made in an oven in the middle of the restaurant. Also, the waistaff sang Happy Birthday! while he sat wearing a sombrero. His face was priceless. As an added bonus I did not have to cook!

– This year we held one party for family and friends, instead of two separate parties. We held his party at a gymnastics center. It was great fun for him. We invited both sets of grandparents–the paternal set were missing, not quite sure why?? My sister and her daughters were there, Jim’s colleague from work was there with her husband and family, a couple of kids from preschool, and a couple of kids who will go to kindergarten with him. The kids played, the adults watched, and we all ate cake and pizza. Can’t beat that.

– Before his birthday we had fun shopping for his party. he chose dinosaur plates and then some junk from the dollar store. This year instead of buing a bunch of small things. I bought each child one big thing: “power rangers” toys for boys….not really Power Rangers since this was the Dollar Store, but he thought they were real so that is the main thing! and horses for girls. I added a bunch of candy to each bag and it looked substantial even if it wasn’t very costly.

Which brings us back to today…school for the girls, lacrosse and Girl Scouts for one of the girls, lots of homework for the other girl, preschool and playing with birthday toys for the boy, and work of the housework and schoolwork variety for me. Just another Manic Monday!

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