2012: Resolutions and Then Some #Tots2Tweens

I don’t write down my resolutions. I’m not sure if I have ever written down a New Year’s Resolution. Maybe, years ago? Perhaps, I jotted something down on a scrap of paper? Did I write something on my calendar? In a day planner?

Truth is that I never write anything down. As much as a list maker as I am, I can’t bear to see an entry on my to-do list that remains unchecked…for weeks and months. So, my resolutions for the new year reside in the ole noggin.

How is my system working for me? Well, not all that well. Seems that this list writer really needs to get some accountability…STAT.

I write down my job assignments for the 3-4 people I work for. I ALWAYS keep track of the kids’, husband’s, and my schedule — both work and sports — on a wall calendar AND an online calendar. So, why wouldn’t I write down goals for me? Accountability is key…for me.

In the fall, I was gung-ho about divvying up the chores. Even in my previous WAHM days and my more-recent SAHM life, I was never in to household tasks. When I was a WAHM when my oldest were toddlers and babies, I was a master at ignoring the sink full of dishes. The washer was in our unfinished basement, which meant I had no problem ignoring the towering stacks of launch. Mount Laundry was insurmountable. When I ditched the WAHM job to be a full-time SAHM to my new baby and two school-aged kids, I caught up on all the household chores that had been neglected. Windows were washed. Floors scrubbed. Closets purged. I even learned how to cook a few more recipes.

In my latest go-round as a WAHM, I now have three school-aged children and one husband. Really, with the kids in school for a full day and my husband and I working full-time, it was high time that the kids pitched in. Once I assigned chores for each child — one household task and keeping their bedrooms tidy — I created a chore chart. The kids loved putting the magnetic stars on the chart beside their name.

The chore chart was going so well, that I took a leap of faith and quietly without much fanfare added myself to the chart. Beside my name I wrote “Exercise” and “Praise.” I wanted to keep my goals/resolutions manageable and d0able.

The “Exercise” entry on the Chore Chart is self-explanatory — I gave myself the goal of going to the health club 3 times a week. I made it to the club about twice a week for a period of time. I was on my way to getting more exercise when I wrenched my knee. I took some time to rest before getting back in the saddle. Writing down my resolution was super helpful. For weeks, no one noticed that I was charting my own progress. Once my family noticed they were supportive.

The “Praise” entry needs a little more explanation. With the kids doing chores, I wanted to make the chore experience a positive one for all of us. I tried to praise each kid each day, not only about chores, but about attitude, and schoolwork. You know what? The “Praise” part worked like a charm. I felt good giving the kids compliments. I even included my husband…he was a little shocked, but accepted the compliment! I was happy to focus more on what was going right in our home and less on what was going wrong. The kids each earned a special price or treat for hard work and stick-to-it-tive-ness. The kids beamed when they were caught doing some good. I was relieved of some of the household chore burden. A win for all of us.

Are you doing something new this year to stick to your weight loss or fitness goals? Do you have a secret weapon that you use to keep your self on track and accountable? A food choice option? A tip for traveling and eating healthy? Or even an exercise routine that works for you? Join the discussion at the Tots2Tweens BlogFrog Community.

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