$100 Smackeroos!

What would I do with an extra $100 if someone handed it to you next month?

I would spend the money on my family. Perhaps a dinner out or a movie or something that we could all enjoy together. I should probably spend the 100 buckeroos on myself. Oh, I could get a massage or go on a short trip. Could I go on a trip for $100?? Maybe not, but I could go in to DC for the day and see a show or a concert. But, given my druthers I would prefer to spend the moolah on my family.

I love planning family trips. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • I took my daughter to Lancaster, PA, for a volleyball tournament. Loved showing her my alma mater, Franklin & Marshall College. The tournament was fab. The hotel was a little dingy. https://www.trekaroo.com/people/musingsfromme
  • I’m a DC resident…well, not a resident of DC, but I do live in driving distance of D.C. Wrote a post over at @trekaroo on touring DC with tweens and teens: https://www.trekaroo.com/list/must-see-attractions-in-dc-with-preteens-and-teens
  • A few years ago we visited Williamsburg at Thanksgiving. I wanted to go at Christmastime but the hotels were too expensive. We had fun doing many kid-centered activities: https://www.trekaroo.com/people/musingsfromme?place_id=388

Kodak and JuiceBoxJungle sponsored me to write this fun post, about what I’d do with a surprise extra $100 if someone handed it to me next month.

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